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Festival of the Mandolins

  Sunday , Apr 27, 2014         11:00 AM        11AM Workshops 1PM Concert. Tix $20 door, $15 Adv, children free

Event Details

mandopcnodate_200Join us for the 14th annual San Francisco Festival of the Mandolins.  There will be four diverse mandolin performances at the 1PM concert, preceeded by workshops at 11AM. Performers will include; AURORA MANDOLIN ORCHESTRA, RADIM ZENKL,SEABRIGHT SERENADERS (Paul Rangell, Emily Abbink, & Irene Herrmann) and the  KENNY HALL TRIBUTE BAND (Terry Barrett, Harry & Cindy Liedstrand)  Ethnic Bulgarian food by chef Hristo Kolev. Advance tickets at

The Aurora Mandolin Orchestra (AMO), the largest orchestra of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area, will perform for the 14th consecutive year at the SF Mandolin Festival.  Gino Pellegrini, a member of the original “Aurora” of the 1930s reformed the group in 1970 as Director and Concert Master.  He was the “heart and soul” of the orchestra until his passing in 2006 when his wife, Josephine, assumed leadership as Director/Conductor. His musical legacy prevails under her leadership with more than 30 supportive and dedicated musicians playing mandolin, mandola, mandocello, guitar, string bass, flute, accordion and percussion.  They continue to perform many concerts to thousands of audiences throughout the Bay Area offering diverse programs of the mandolin repertoire. Their greatest achievement was their performance in Davies Hall at San Francisco Symphony’s festive opening night.  Rehearsals every Wednesday evening in Redwood City welcome new members who read music, with no fees to join, but only the interest in attending rehearsals

Radim Zenkl - mandolin player, composer and instructor. Radim's style features progressive original and eastern European traditional music flavored with string jazz, new age, bluegrass, flamenco, rock, classical and other. The US Mandolin Champion is redefining the mandolin and its role in music by designing new mandolin-family instruments and creating new playing styles. He has invented a masterful technique, the "Zenkl style," in which a single mandolin sounds like two. Besides collaborating with the top musicians of the acoustic music scene, Radim has built up an extensive repertoire for solo mandolin. In the recent years he added a variety of ethnic flutes to his concerts and recordings.

The Seabright Serenaders are Paul Rangell, Emily Abbink, & Irene Herrmann.Their repertoire centers on Italian, Mexican, New Mexican and Caribbean dance tunes and songs from popular and traditional music origins. Their most common instrumental line-up consists of two mandolins and guitar. Paul occasionally plays fiddle, brac, guitar or add vocals to bring texture to a performance.

The *Kenny Hall Tribute Band is Terry Barrett-mandolin, Harry Liedstrand-fiddle, and Cindy Liedstrand-guitar. Terry Barrett is a multi-talented musician playing fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. A protege of Kenny Hall, Terry has a wealth of musical styles and tunes under his belt. Italian, Scandinavian, Old Timey, and Celtic music are all part of his repetoir. Terry has been featured on albums by Kenny Hall and Fresno Spelman and others.  Harry Liedstrand became fascinated with traditional country music while living in the central San Joaquin Valley. Inspired by valley musicians like Kenny Hall, Otis Pierce, and Ron Huey, Harry began collecting tunes and immersing himself in Fresno’s rich musical heritage. In 1969 Harry joined the Sweets Mill String Band and began performing music at universities and folk festivals up and down the west coast.

*Kenny Hall was a “fiercely independent old-time musician” who passed last year at 90 years of age. He was an inspiration to generations of revival musicians in California. Born blind on October 14, 1923, in San Jose, California, Kenny Hall became a master mandolinist and fiddler in old-time music styles, drawing inspiration from regional styles throughout U.S. as well as Ireland, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe. His performances wove together tunes, stories and folk songs.


11a BYOM Kenny Hall Orchestra
12p Radim Zenkl & Paul Rangell workshops 
12p Chef Hristo Kolev
1p Aurora Mandolin Orchestra
2p Radim Zenkl
3p Seabright Serenaders - Paul Rangell, Emily Abbink, & Irene Herriman
4p Kenny Hall Tribute Band - Terry Barrett, Harry & Cindy Liedstrand 

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