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Festival of the Mandolins

  Sunday , Apr 29, 2012         11:30 AM        11:30AM workshops. 1PM Performances $15 at door, Advance $10, children free

Event Details

Join us for the 12th annual San Francisco Festival of the Mandolins. At 11:30 AM there are  workshops. and at 1PM the Performances begin. Five diverse mandolin ensembles perform.  Tim Connell of Rio Con Brio will perform Brazilian choro style; ragtime by the Ragtime SkedaddlersPhil Lawrence Band plays jazz with David and Linda LaFlamme from It's a Beautiful Day; Billy Packard  plays Italian and Mexican music, carrying on the tradition of Tony Flores; Aurora Mandolin Orchestra plays classical and popular works for the big orchestra 
The San Francisco Festival of Mandolins on Sunday April 29 will include a sneak-preview showing of a half-hour film about the Ger Mandolin Orchestra, a project memorializing the Jewish mandolin orchestra active in Góra Kalwaria, Poland, in the 1920s and 1930s. Avner Yonai, the grandson of one of the few members to survive the war, joined forces with the Jewish Music Festival to organize this musical tribute in 2011. Mike Marshall and the Jewish Music Festival assembled a mandolin orchestra comprised of an outstanding cast of musicians including Avi Avital, Eric Stein, Jeff Warshauer, Tim Connell, Chris Acquavella, Sharon Gilchrist, Brian Oberlin, Dana Rath, Adam Rozkiewicz, and Radim Zenkl. The film features performances in Berkeley and Poland.  At the Festival, the film will be presented by Avner Yonai and Tim Connell (who will also perform in his choro duo Rio ConBrio).                                                                                                                                                                        
Bulgarian food will be prepared by Hristo Kolev.  Advance tickets at          
  11:30 Phil Lawrence + Dennis Pash 
   12:15 Tim Connell + Billy Packard
  1:00  Ger Mandolin Orchestra Project film
   1:45  Aurora (classical)
   2:35  Phil Lawrence (jazz)
   3:25  Ragtime Skedaddlers 
   3:40  Billy Packard (Italian and Mexican)
   4:25  Tim Connell (Choro)

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